WayneChain - The World's Fastest and Most Secure Blockchain

WayneChain is the greatest technological breakthrough of the 21st century. In a few short years, all the world’s software will run on WayneChain.

  • unlimited storage
  • instant confirmations
  • time-traveling transactions
  • zero-carbon footprint

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WayneChain is the right of every American, regardless of gender, skin color, who you love, or where your grew up.

- Hilary Clinton

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WayneChain is going to make the blockchain great again!

- Donald Trump

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Much of the blockchain hype is even more ridiculous than WayneChain

blockchain hype

Listen to Flava Flav. The blockchain hype is out of control! Yes, the blockchain is a fundamental innovation that will impact many industries, but smart companies will think before they jump on the blockchain bandwagon.

At Tierion, we’re using the blockchain to build the world’s first proof engine - a universal platform to verify the integrity and timestamp of any data, file, or process. Developers can use our API to anchor a permanent, timestamped record of your data in the blockchain.

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